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Our shop is temporarily closed while we re-tool and prepare for legalization. Over the next few weeks, we will be inviting customers via email to complete a registration process with us.

Learn more from our knowledge-base about the upcoming legalization of cannabis and how it impacts you.

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What's the difference between the Medical and Recreational marketplaces?


At last, Canada is set to legalize recreational cannabis on October 17th 2018. But what does this mean for your average cannabis consumer?

Does this mean every cannabis product I've seen online will suddenly become legal?

No. The cannabis products that will be legal and available are the same products that are currently available under Canada's ACMPR medical program, namely, cannabis flower (buds), capsules and tinctures. Health Canada has indicated it intends to regulate edibles and other cannabis products in 2019.


Can I buy from other sources besides the provincial government stores or provincial government website?

For recreational cannabis, no you cannot. Most provinces have decided to control storefront and online distribution, which means you can only buy your cannabis directly from government bricks and mortar run retail stores.


Where do the government stores get their stock?

The government stores are supplied by "Licensed Producers" (LPs) operating under the Medical (ACMPR) program.


Is there a way to buy directly from an LP online, instead of having the government in the middle?

Yes. In order to buy directly from an LP, you have to become a medical patient under the ACMPR program. This involves speaking to a Healthcare Practitioner who can authorize your use of medical cannabis. There are no conditions which exclude you. Conditions include (but are not limited to) sleep issues, mood, pain management, anxiety, appetite, arthritis, PTSD, nausea, and vomiting. 


Can I access both the recreational and ACMPR marketplaces?

Yes! Being a participant in the ACMPR program doesn't exclude you from participating in the recreational marketplace; in fact, it increases your access to products by allowing you to buy directly from a Licensed Producer's otherwise private ACMPR menu.


I'm ready to signup under the ACMPR program, what do I do next?

Great! Apothecary is in the process of re-tooling its website in preparation for legalization on October 17th 2018. In the meantime, please contact us via email to get on our list for updates on our re-launch and we'll assist you in getting setup to use our service before we re-open.



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